Saturday, January 22, 2011

FaLL & HaLLoWeeN {2010}

Funky Clown Lexie, Cheerleader Riley, Princess Bell Brynn,
Bumblebee Jentri, Hippie Amanda, & Brown Bear Reid

Jen, Lex, & Brynn visiting grandpa and grandma Stubbs

Brynn and Jentri, enjoying the falling leaves!

Jen, Lex, and Brynn @ Pumpkin Patch in Parogonah

Roller Skating Rink in Mesquite
Not a good picture but this is about how long Brynn lasted in the skates, we went with Shemree and Jessica's family, the older kids had a blast. They have been wanting to go back since.

Brynn, Brynli, & Gage
{where are their parents}

Jentri and Brynn @ Disney Magic Show

Jessica, Dawson, Gage, Shemree, Jentri,
& Brynn waiting for the show to start

Las Vegas Disney Magic Show 2010
Mckya, Payton, Lexie, Jentri, Gage, Brynn, & Brynli

Face Painting from school carnival
Payton and Lex

Friday, October 1, 2010

"Young Lady this is our Grand Champion Hog"

"Young Lady this is our Grand Champion Hog" is what Jentri was told at the Southwest Livestock Show, wow!! I looked over at Shawn and he had tears in his eyes, along with Grandpa Garfield and Uncle Mike Smith.

Friday was the day of the judging at the Southwest Livestock Show and Shawn woke up after dreaming Pablo (Jens pig) was sick. When he and Jentri arrived at the show barn Shawn looked at Pablo and told Mike "Pablo looks really good today". Jentri and Pablo were in the second weight class which they won over 4 other hogs. When the Judge was talking about each pig in the class he said that Jens hog just out classed the others but there were a few things he would change about him if he could. This made Shawn a little nervous going in to the " Drive to the Grand Champion" (which the top hog in each class competes in) because a couple of the other class winners were told that their hogs were about as good as they could be.

The time came for Jen to take Pablo back into the show ring with the other class winners and Shawn was kind of pacing. The Judge walked around looking very close at each hog and the way they moved, how trim they were, felt the hogs to feel how solid they were. After what seemed like an hour the Judge walk straight towards Jentri took his cowboy hat off, shook her hand and said "Young Lady this is our Grand Champion Hog". Our families erupted with cheers.

Jentri and Pablo in the "Drive to the Grand Champion" competition.

Jen putting the big purple ribbon around her neck right after Pablo was named the Grand Champion Hog of the 2010 Southwest Livestock Show.

Pablo sporting the Grand Champion sign on his pen

Jentri and the Livestock Judge

Saturday morning exhibitors breakfast and awards ceremony
Jen was only concerned about getting a belt buckle which she would be awarded for having the champion hog. When we arrived at the breakfast Shawn went and got the paper that had the results of the Carcass Contest which is determined using ultrasound and measures the amount of fat free lean meat. When Shawn looked at the results he smiled and told Jentri that she would be getting 2 belt buckles 1 for the champion hog and 1 because Pablo had won the Carcass Contest. When they awarded her with the carcass belt buckle they announced that this was the first time anyone knew of that the Grand Champion hog had also won the Carcass Contest. Thats right Pablo was "Some Pig"

Delynn Barton giving Jen her 2nd place Herdsman award. This as an award that is given for cleanliness and taking care of your animal and the pen it is in.

Delynn Barton presenting Jentri with her Grand Champion belt buckle

Close up of the Grand Champion Buckle

Jentri and Pablo Sandoval really cleaned house in 2010.

Shawn told her she better quit now because it will be hard to top this year. Grand Champion, Carcass Contest winner, and 2nd place Herdsman Award.

The Sale

Jentri was sobbing before she went in the sale ring, Pablo was such an amazing pig and really had personality. Thanks to Uncle Mike Smith, Brecia, and Grandpa Garfield for all of the help.

Thanks to Grandpa Mike Stubbs for purchasing Pablo. We were shocked to read the thank you note Jen wrote to her Grandpa it said "Grandpa thanks for buying Pablo Im sure he will be some good bacon". This coming from the girl who was sobbing because she had to sell Pablo.

These awards did not come without some hard work.

Jentri walking one of the pigs. Jen and her cousins took turns walking the pigs 6 nights a week which payed off Jen: Grand Champion, Cooper: 4th overall, Brecia: 5th overall, Courtnie: 3rd in her class. I would say that is pretty impressive Smith/Garfield hogs had 3 of the top 5 hogs in the whole show.

Jentri and Brecia walking the pigs. Thanks Brecia you are an amazing coach.

Jentri giving Pablo Sandoval his haircut a couple of weeks before the show. Look at the build on that pig!

Another of Jen clipping Pablo.

After all is said and done the 2010 Southwest Livestock Show was a huge success. We would like to thank our families for all the hard work and support they gave to Jentri and Pablo Sandoval to make this a memorable experience.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

March, April, May, and June..... can you say slacker

MARCH we went down to Mesquite and Las Vegas, we took the girls to the Children Museum in Las Vegas, had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and toured the M&M building on the Strip and stayed at my parents house in Mesquite.

Shawn and Brynn in the Wind Tunnel.


Lexie, Brynn, and Jentri


April was busy with Soccer practice and games, School Projects, and Easter. Jentri is going to be going to Middle School, it was hard knowing that it was her last year at her South Elementary. On our Easter Break we stayed down in Mesquite. On Friday we took a drive to The Valley of Fire with Natalie, Frank, Whitney, and Weylin. The weather had been so cold in Cedar so it was nice to play in the sun and sand. We also went to Grandma Jolley and Jean Robb's annual Easter Egg Hunt at Beaver Dam.

Elder Braden Davis also left on April 14th for the MTC in Provo, he left on June 14th for Nicaragua Managua Mission, he is such a close cousin to my girls, and we are so proud of him.

Jentri showing her Science Project

Beaver Dam Easter Egg Hunt 2010..... Easter Bunny, Brynn, and Shawn

Brynn, Jentri, Lexie with the Easter Bunny at Beaver Dam

Valley of Fire, Easter Break 2010; Me, Brynn, Lexie, and Jentri

May was a busy month with end of school programs, Jentri had an orchestra program to show what they had learned this year, she is doing so good with the violin. She also graduated from 5th grade..... I can't belive that she will be in Middle School next year.

In June Jentri played soccer in Utah Summer Games, she had alot of fun and they took a Bronze. Way to go Forza!!!!

June SUMMER BREAK for the kids (I wish I had the summer off ) The 4th and 5th of June I was able to go to Youth Confrence with the young women and our one young men, we toured SLC Temple grounds, Conference Center, Business Building, watch the Joseph Smith movie and seen some neat museums, we camped at Cherry Hill camp ground, the youth and some leaders had a good time at the water park while Jana, Virginia, and I enjoyed our Coke and a little quite time. ;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's GrEaT tO Be EiGhT!!

Lexie had her Baptism pictures taken by Abbey w/ ak studio & design, like always she did a great job and to top it off I had won a free session, I was so excited!!
Congratulations Lexie, I love you so much!
Thanks Abbey, I love the pictures and the annoucements!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

HaPpY 8th BiRtHdAy LeXiE

My sweet little Lexie turned 8 years old on Saturday, February 27th, I took five of her friends and went to Evan's Hair School and the girls got manicures then we came back to our house for pizza, cake, and ice cream.

what a bunch of cute girls!

This cake was huge, my cousins neighboor makes cakes, and it was so cute and yummy!!

Dinner at Sizzler's after Lexie's baptism.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas 2009 (a couple post)

I hope everyone had a good holiday season!
Lexie before her Christmas Dance Recital

Some pictures on Christmas morning.



Brynn showing us how to be a "Princess"

Christmas Eve 2009

I have been the worst on taking pictures, maybe Santa should have got me a NEW CAMERA!, anyways thanks to Krista for taking some pictures.
Brynn with Santa, Garfield Christmas Eve Party 2009.

My girls with Braden after Santa visited and brought them jammies.

Nativity 2009 w/ Garfield kids
more of the Nativity, Jentri was a Donkey (LOL)
Lexie and Brynn were Angels, we even had a newborn baby for Baby Jesus.
(Baby Greysen)